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Everglades Foundation

The Year Water Became a Rallying Cry

Annual Report 2015

The Everglades Foundation is dedicated to restoring America’s Everglades. As you’ll read here, we made great strides toward that goal in 2015. Thousands took up an urgent rallying cry for restoration—and we celebrate everyone who contributed to the year’s successes. But our work is not done, and we invite you to join us as we continue this critical effort.

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, this year’s annual report uses an interactive digital format to reduce the need for printed copies. You may also download a printable version.


Board Chairman’s Viewpoint
Marshall Field V

Water cleanses us, energizes and sustains us. But in 2015, water scared us in a way we’ve never seen before. This was the year Americans awakened to the dangers of our threatened water supply.

In Toledo, Ohio, continued signs of hazardous toxins in the water kept a community on edge—one that had already suffered a three-day water crisis the year before. Flint, Michigan’s water crisis bubbled into a national fury as citizens demanded answers about a flood of lead poisoning at the kitchen sink. Here in Florida, concerns rose that bacteria in the Indian River Lagoon may have caused a Port St. Lucie fisherman’s death. Despite annual rainfall of almost five feet, South Florida now regularly faces water shortages that trigger wildfires in the marsh and leave Florida Bay drier and saltier than ever.

For better or for worse, we’ve reached a turning point in our relationship with water. It’s now impossible to ignore we’re in the midst of a massive water crisis; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has called water pollution “one of America's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems.”

Given all that’s at stake for our nation and for Florida’s economy, which depends heavily on water for tourism and recreation, it became clearer than ever this year that action is needed. And specifically, scientific evidence shows the best solution is to open up the flow of water south from Lake Okeechobee, to clean and store that water to sustain 8 million people and preserve a fragile ecosystem that has become an ailing, endangered national resource.

The Everglades Foundation took up this rallying cry to “send the water south,” and we’re heartened by the widely diverse, passionate supporters who joined us—people from around the country, as well as every corner of Florida, from the Panhandle to Miami. Whether you are a realtor who relies on Florida’s property values to make a living, a local Chamber of Commerce member or Kiwanis Club leader, a small-business owner struggling to survive, or an advocate for clean water everywhere, we heard your rallying cry. And so did legislators in Tallahassee, who introduced the “Legacy Florida” bill in December— a tremendous step toward allocating resources for this important endeavor and setting the stage for future action.

We’re grateful to each and every voice that joined this rallying cry, driving this crucial, evidence-based discussion not just in Florida but also in Washington as we look to lead the way in defining creative solutions to the world’s water problems.

Our work is far from over, but the tide is turning now that citizens and legislators alike are recognizing we must protect this World Heritage Site and make the River of Grass flow freely again. Thank you for joining this rallying cry and continuing its momentum to achieve our goals together.

Marshall Field V
Marshall Field V, Everglades Foundation Board Chairman
Our Work Flows On: Education, Advocacy and Action
Chief Executive Officer's Highlights
Eric Eikenberg

It was an unprecedented year for the Everglades Foundation and the 2 million acres of precious wetlands we and our dedicated partners and supporters work so hard to protect. While our chorus of rallying cries elevated the water crisis into a top priority for action, we continued to advance all aspects of our work, grounded in science, to restore America’s Everglades. We’ve continued to fight for one of the world’s richest sources of natural beauty and ecologic ingenuity, a revered place that draws tourists, students and scientists from around the world to explore it.

Thanks to the tremendous contributions of our partners and donors in this milestone year with record support, we made significant progress in 2015 for Everglades restoration—and for water crises the world over—across three specific areas. Here’s a look at the year’s highlights:

Much is yet to come as we continue to advance the End Point Restoration Plan and anticipate the launch of our $10 million George Barley Water Prize, which will identify a cost-effective solution to the world’s phosphorus pollution. Thank you for joining with us in restoring America’s Everglades, reconnecting Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay and helping us advance the discovery of bold new solutions to today’s environmental challenges.

Marshall Field V
Eric Eikenberg, Everglades Foundation Chief Executive Officer

Hosted 46 tours and 30 briefings on the Everglades to educate the public about the importance of Everglades restoration.

Trained our 1,000th teacher in our K-12 curriculum about Everglades restoration, in partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center.

Expanded our educational program to reach 30,000 students across 10 school districts.

Published 5 new peer-reviewed studies conducted by our science team on issues related to Everglades restoration.


Secured 207 signatures from leading scientists on a petition calling to send Florida’s water south from Lake Okeechobee, which we delivered to the Florida Senate President, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and the chair of the governing board of the South Florida Water Management District.

Celebrated the Florida House of Representatives’ subsequent introduction of the “Legacy Florida” bill, which establishes a dedicated funding source to restore the Everglades by setting aside several hundred million dollars a year for evidence-based restoration projects.

Provided local, national and international organizations with more than $1.2 million in grants to focus their professional staff and members on effective, science-based Everglades restoration efforts.


Established our first international partnership with the signing of an MOU with the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in Canada, which has committed support for our $10 million George Barley Water Prize launching in 2016, which is one of the largest environmental science prize competitions in history.

Expanded the George Barley Water Prize by announcing that an additional $1.2 million in prizes will be given out, totaling $11.2 million over five years.

Added Christine Todd Whitman, former administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and former governor of New Jersey, to the George Barley Water Prize Advisory Board, and established the Barley Launch Circle of noted supporters.

Continued to deliver on the End Point Restoration Plan, a detailed roadmap for getting Everglades restoration back on track to completion; this year we made great progress on the Plan through hydrologic modeling and exploration of water storage alternatives north and south of Lake Okeechobee.

Added new staff to expand our science and development teams, including an environmental engineer, a computational hydrological researcher and an economist; these experts will help make the End Point Restoration Plan a reality and support our future efforts to track the implementation process.

A Spotlight on Education
In 2015, its first full year, the Everglades Literacy Program trained over 1,000 teachers and reached 30,000 students across the state.
2015 educational activities at a glance
New peer-reviewed studies by Everglades Foundation Scientists
inspired a
Year-old to turn education into action & create his own rallying cry
Briefings to educate the public about the importance of Everglades restoration
Science based tours of the Everglades
trained our
Teacher in our K-12 curriculum about Everglades restoration
Students across 10 school districts
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden - The Fairchild Challenge
Zoological Society of Florida
Deering Estate Foundation
South Plantation High School
10 things I love about the everglades
We’re investing in—and for—future generations

The Everglades Foundation inspires the next generation of conservationists and scientists by providing literacy programs that serve area schoolchildren—who will be entrusted with the Everglades’ future.

In partnership with Florida Atlantic University’s Pine Jog Environmental Education Center, the Foundation develops teacher-trainings that offer free Everglades lessons and materials for the K-12 classroom. These lesson plans introduce students to key aspects of the Everglades ecosystem, including its watershed, endangered species, water conservation and other topics to help raise awareness about America’s most important wetland ecosystem.

In 2015, the Everglades Literacy Program became part of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools STEM initiatives. By the end of the year, the Everglades lessons successfully became a new focus in classrooms statewide.

We’re making Everglades education a priority for all

In 2015, Everglades Foundation scientists hosted 46 tours and 30 briefings to educate the public about the importance of restoration. Each educational opportunity makes a tremendous difference.

“I first visited the Everglades with my parents 60 years ago for an airboat ride... I never forgot it. More recently... I enjoyed another airboat trip through that frontier in the company of Dr. Stephen Davis, Wetlands Ecologist for the Everglades Foundation. Dr. Davis, waist-deep in the water, explained to his visitors about the various components of what we were riding across and enjoying. His lecture was fascinating and brought home to me the importance of what the Everglades Foundation is working so hard to achieve.”
-- Hollis Petersen

Dr. Steve Davis was awarded Best in Miami 2014 for “Leaders in Science” by Miami Today News for his work to educate the general public and policymakers about the importance of Everglades restoration.

Investing in Impact - providing critical educational support to others

The Everglades Foundation offers educational grants to numerous community organizations interested in promoting environmental literacy, such as Zoo Miami, Deering Estate at Cutler, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and South Plantation High School.

ForEverglades Scholars and Fellows, the Everglades Foundation also encourages researchers at Florida’s greatest institutions to join us in studying how to restore and protect the Everglades. The Foundation offers between $60,000 and $100,000 annually in fellowships and scholarships to graduate research students who are developing innovative scientific methods.

We’re turning education into inspiration — and action

At just 10 years old, South Florida’s Christopher Ramos joined the Everglades restoration rallying cry after a lesson in school from the Everglades Literacy Program. He went on to inspire his family and community to raise money to save the Everglades.

Christopher Ramos was so inspired by the Everglades Foundation’s lesson plans about endangered species, he enlisted his father to help him take action. Together, they researched nonprofits to support with fundraising and settled on the Everglades Foundation—before he even realized that it was the Foundation that had created his school’s lesson plan.

Christopher then organized a bike ride through Shark Valley in Everglades National Park. With the help of a few friends from his Boy Scout Troop, he raised nearly $4,000. His rallying cry garnered national attention when the superintendent of Everglades National Park invited Christopher and his dad to stand next to President Barack Obama when he visited the Everglades on Earth Day 2015. Chris isn’t stopping there, and is working on a campaign called “Ramos Boys Save the Everglades,” which has now launched its own website and social media page to raise money and awareness. The campaign has garnered media attention and support both locally and nationally.

Christopher Ramos


Our Rallying Cry

These words echoed across Florida and beyond throughout 2015. They represented an incessant rallying cry to restore the historic water flows that would nourish not just the Everglades, but the entire southern portion of the state.

It’s a rallying cry that made a difference this year, as everyone from real estate agents to fishermen and small-business owners recognized that Mother Nature had it right originally. Before manmade dams and canals interfered over a century ago, there used to be a natural flow of clean, usable water from Lake Okeechobee in Central Florida, which supplied water to all of the rest of Florida to the south. But today Lake Okeechobee’s polluted waters are held captive by massive construction projects dating from a century ago, as agriculture and other pursuits took precedence over conservation.

As a result, the lake’s water levels often rise to threatening heights—and officials seeking to prevent flooding have no choice but to open the dams over and over again to let billions of gallons of hazardous, algae-infested lake water flow into surrounding rivers and estuaries east and west of the lake. The areas served by those rivers and estuaries suffer greatly, as the polluted water triggers alarming health and safety warnings and destroys wildlife.


At the southern tip of the state, meanwhile, Florida Bay between the mainland and the Florida Keys suffers from the reverse problem—not too much freshwater, but too little. This, too, is inherently dangerous as it upsets the precarious balance of freshwater and salt water; some research has even shown a connection between Alzheimer’s disease and the algae toxins that too frequently populate the algae blooms in Florida Bay as a result.

It’s a complex problem, but the Everglades Foundation and our partners and supporters championed a simple rallying cry to address both issues: send the water south from Lake Okeechobee, restoring the water flow Mother Nature initially intended.

The “Send it South” rallying cry was distinct in its diversity—across all ages, regions and professions, inside Florida and beyond. We heard your voice from north to south, east to west; we heard it in the elementary school kids’ grassroots campaign (the Ramos Boys Save the Everglades), and we heard it from real estate agents, teachers, fishermen and tour operators.

Even the president of the United States sounded the rallying cry during an Earth Day visit to the Everglades:

“If we don’t act, there may not be an Everglades as we know it.”
– President Barack Obama   April 7, 2015
Historic Flow
Historic Flow
Current Flow
Current Flow
“I came to Tallahassee today because the long-term water supply for 8 million Floridians, not to mention the health of our economy that is dependent on millions of tourists who visit the state every year, is in real danger.”
- Jimmy Buffett, Entertainer & Foundation Board of Directors

The rallying cry was notable in its strength, as more than 1,500 Floridians from across the state came together for the third-annual Everglades Action Day in Tallahassee. Jimmy Buffett made a special appearance at the rally to champion the purchase of the pivotal piece of Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) land south of the lake, to build a deep-water reservoir that will aid in Everglades restoration and protect drinking water for 8 million Floridians and tourists. Following his remarks, Buffett played a short acoustic set with Mac McAnally and Robert Greenidge.

“Legacy Florida is essentially about elevating the Everglades to where it should be, on par with education and basic infrastructure, like roads, as a priority for the state.”
–Dr. Tom Van Lent, Vice President for Programs at the Everglades Foundation

The rallying cry also paved the way for the December introduction of the Legacy Florida Act, which is poised to secure long-term funding streams for Everglades restoration over the next 20 years.

Together with our supporters, we helped make the Everglades the high priority it simply needed to be, both for our environment and for Florida’s economy. And the rallying cry continues to build momentum; but much more work remains to be done in 2016. Our priority now is to ensure that legislators take the next step and identify a concrete plan to “Send it South.” We invite all our partners and supporters to continue joining us as we raise this rallying cry even louder in the coming year.

Action and Momentum
We’re Building a World-Class Team

Given all that’s at stake in addressing the urgent restoration priorities in the Everglades, the Everglades Foundation has built a robust team of dedicated full-time scientists. This team is advancing the world’s understanding of ecology, hydrology, water quality and project planning and implementation—and how these factors interact.

Our scientists, including two new Ph.D.s we added to our team in 2015, spent the past year conducting in-depth computer modeling and using other state-of-the-art techniques to explore a number of scenarios that will inform future actions—ultimately, identifying various possibilities for how to restore the Everglades by sending water from Lake Okeechobee south.

As the only non-governmental non-profit organization with the capacity to conduct such high-level scientific modeling, the Everglades Foundation has advanced discussions in an important way.

“I do not pretend to have the answer on how to pursue this goal, but I do trust my ‘gut instinct’ to put faith in the people trusted and educated in Everglades restoration. My experience with the staff and board has given me confidence that my donation will be spent in the most prudent manner.”
- Mac and Catherine Willett, Naples, Florida
We’re Putting That Team to Work

We’ve helped to clarify what options are available for creating water storage sites north and south of Lake Okeechobee, and what each site would offer in terms of resources, costs and effectiveness. It’s not an easy task; there are many variables that must be considered, and it’s our job to explore all the “what if” possibilities so that future planning can be based upon a solid scientific foundation.

We're Empowering Others

As the primary engine of Everglades restoration, the Everglades Foundation brings together the world’s best resources to collaborate on effective solutions. In 2015, the Everglades Foundation provided $1.2 million in grants to local, national and international organizations to focus their professional staff and members on effective, science-based Everglades restoration efforts. Grant recipients include the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation, Florida Oceanographic Society, Audubon Florida, and the Florida Wildlife Federation, among others.

George Barley Water Prize
Making a Global Impact – We’re pursuing solutions for the world

We recognize that our water crisis isn’t just a Florida problem; worldwide, the World Resources Institute has warned that 15,000 freshwater bodies in the U.S. and around the world are now imperiled by phosphorus pollution.

We’re doing our part to search for a global solution. In 2016, the Everglades Foundation will launch the largest clean water prize ever run, the $10 million George Barley Water Prize. Our goal: to enlist the smartest minds—scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world—to once and for all identify a solution to phosphorus pollution, by designing and completing a cost-effective technology to remove excess phosphorus from freshwater bodies.

In October 2015, in collaboration with the White House Office of Science, Technology and Policy (OSTP), the Everglades Foundation unveiled its new website for the George Barley Water Prize (www.barleyprize.com) and announced an additional $1.2 million in prizes totaling $11.2 million over five years.

The Foundation was recognized by the White House and had the opportunity to highlight the George Barley Water Prize on the world stage. The prize was announced by Dr. Peter Preuss, Chief Innovation Officer of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—the same agency that calls nutrient pollution “one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems…resulting in serious environmental and human health issues, and impacting the economy.”

The five-year competition will incorporate multiple stages and benchmarks, with the first three years of the competition including three stepping-stone prizes. The first two prizes enable entrants to test technologies at lab scale and compare performance under similar operating conditions. The third stepping-stone prize enables entrants to test technologies for three months at pilot scale to demonstrate proof-of-concept that guides full-scale implementation.

Officially launching in summer 2016, The George Barley Science Prize is designed to attract more than 80 applicants from over 10 countries and benefit over 100,000 miles of freshwater bodies.

Also this year, the prize earned some notable supporters, including the addition of Christine Todd Whitman, former administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and former governor of New Jersey, to the George Barley Water Prize Advisory Board. It was also endorsed by Sir Harold Kroto, a British chemist and recipient of the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

“The Everglades Foundation’s George Barley Water Prize will leverage the ingenuity of the world’s top scientists and problem solvers to tackle one of the most daunting threats to our water supply.”
- Sir Harold Kroto, 1996 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry
Financial Summary
Our Board of Directors covers all administrative and fundraising costs, so that 100 percent of all contributions can directly support our program activities to carry our mission of restoring and protecting this environmental treasure.
support and revenue
total expenses
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net assets beginning of the year
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Our Story

Nearly 8 million people depend on the Everglades for drinking water, recreation and economic growth. Yet humankind has endangered ourselves by allowing this once-flourishing water supply to dwindle to a trickle—half its original size.

The Everglades Foundation has spent the past 20 years studying this subtropical wetland system and identifying solutions rooted in both scientific evidence and practical feasibility. Our scientists have waded deep into the wetlands to investigate what strategies are working and to help educate decision-makers, students and the public about what’s at stake. Our partnerships and advocacy have helped make restoring America’s Everglades a national priority. With science as the foundation of everything we do, we have helped to promote evidence-based solutions to seemingly intractable problems such as poor water quality and restricted water flows.

We’re identifying bold new science-based approaches that will preserve this international treasure for future generations, demonstrating the way forward for the Everglades as well as other protected regions around the world. A thriving ecosystem that balances Mother Nature’s needs with human interests is entirely possible, and the Everglades Foundation is the leading voice in making this happen.

“The Kovner Foundation values the Everglades Foundation as a powerful strategic partner committed to bold innovative global solutions in defense of an essential natural resource in Florida.”
- Suzie and Bruce Kovner, The Kovner Foundation
Our original rallying cry

While the rallying cry to restore the Everglades has intensified in the past year, it’s a call to action that has resonated since the Everglades Foundation was founded more than two decades ago. Our co-founders both recognized early on the value of this unique ecosystem.

Paul Tudor Jones II

A self-made success, Paul Tudor Jones II is founder, chairman and chief executive officer of the Tudor Group of companies. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia. In 1983, Jones formed Tudor Investment Corporation as the Tudor Group’s primary asset management affiliate. He commits a substantial amount of his personal time to philanthropic and natural resource conservation efforts. Jones is the founder and a director of the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization dedicated to the singular mission of ending poverty in New York City. Jones is a resident of Greenwich, Connecticut and has a home in Palm Beach, Florida.

He commits a substantial amount of his personal time to philanthropic and natural resource conservation efforts such as education, poverty and environmental protection. Jones is a former chairman of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and serves as chairman of the board at the Everglades Foundation.

It began with Paul and George, two outdoorsmen, a fishing trip and encountering one of the killer algae blooms destroying one of the world’s most beautiful tarpon flats. That fateful fishing trip sparked the beginning of Jones’ two-decade commitment to Everglades restoration. “I was struck as much by moral outrage as I was my desire to protect the environment,” said Jones. “I told George I want to help.”

Paul Tudor Jones II
From the beginning of our involvement with the Foundation, Paul Tudor Jones II has been so inspirational in leading this effort that we were immediately drawn in and motivated to do what we could to help the Everglades.”
- Mike and Ashley Ramos, Palm Beach, Florida
George McKim Barley Jr.

A n avid outdoorsman, successful real-estate developer and Everglades champion, the late George McKim Barley Jr. co-founded the Everglades Foundation, bringing world-class research and cutting-edge science to Everglades restoration efforts. Barley, a seventh-generation Floridian, was born in Jacksonville, graduated from Harvard University in 1956 and went on to emerge as one of Florida’s most successful real estate developers of his time. Barley’s enthusiasm for business was rivaled, if not exceeded by, his love for science, the environment and the great outdoors.

Nearly 30 years ago, while fishing in the Everglades, Barley discovered an algae bloom that offered no sign of life beneath. Seventy-five years of man-made damage had spawned thick mats of decomposing matter that destroyed plant and marine life. He realized that the problems in Florida Bay reached all the way north to Orlando, and the key to solving the problems was restoring the Everglades. Angered by his discovery, he began a lifelong fight to reverse the damage done to the Everglades and protect one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. For decades, Barley worked tirelessly on both the state and national level, to ensure these impacts were mitigated. Perhaps his most notable contribution to Everglades’ restoration was the role he played in establishing the Everglades Foundation along with co-founder Paul Tudor Jones II. Tragically, his life's work was cut short in 1995 when his plane crashed on his way to meet with the Army Corps of Engineers to discuss the restoration of the Everglades, but his legacy remains.

Today his vision lives on through the work of the Everglades Foundation and most recently the creation of the George Barley Water Prize to inspire new action. The George Barley Water Prize, an ambitious and pioneering endeavor to combat phosphorus pollution, is a fitting legacy for a man who brought a fierce commitment and entrepreneurial spirit to Everglades’ restoration.

George McKim Barley Jr.
“Long after we are gone, the Everglades will be our lasting legacy, to our children, grandchildren and to the world.”
- George Barley
Our Friends & Allies

The Everglades Foundation’s success is the result of the generosity of people who believe in our mission and support our urgent rallying cry.

Our donors ensure that our scientists continue leading major initiatives to save the Everglades. Our capacity to preserve and protect the Everglades as a natural source of drinking water for nearly 8 million Floridians is a direct result of your financial support.

This year our donors heeded our rallying cry more than ever; 2015 was a record year for donations, up 32% from last year—and we’re ForEver grateful for this unprecedented support.

We are forever grateful to our 2015 supporters and it was an honor to come together for the annual ForEverglades Foundation Benefits in Palm Beach, Naples and Miami.

Our Friends and Allies
“ForEverglades” Benefits Highlights
Our Friends and Allies
The Third Annual ForEverglades Foundation Naples Benefit on April 10
Our Friends and Allies
The first annual ForEverglades Miami Benefit on November 20
“ForEverglades” Benefits Highlights
rallying cry heard by more than
Friends and supporters
$2.6 M
a call to action generated over
In just a few minutes
Of the funds raised directly support programs
“Our partnership with the Everglades Foundation began in 2008 and we are proud to partner with such a reputable non-profit organization. The Foundation’s dedication to protecting and restoring America’s Everglades is a perfect fit with our mission to love, celebrate and raise funds to protect people, animals and the environment.
One out of every three Floridians rely on the Everglades for their water supply! This important statistic further supports why Aveda has partnered with the Everglades Foundation to protect clean water during our annual Earth Month campaign. The funds we raise for them help support protecting water quality, providing water storage needs and restoring the historic water flow from Lake Okeechobee to the Everglades.”
- Melissa Chelminiak, Director Mission, Partner and Stakeholder Engagement, Aveda
Millenium Society
($1,000,000 and up)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tudor Jones II
The Farmer Family Foundation
Mr. Jack C. Taylor
Everglades Founders
(gifts of $100,000 and up)
Mary Barley
The Batchelor Foundation
Crawford Taylor Foundation
Fiona and Stanley F. Druckenmiller
Jennifer and Joseph Duke
Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Ferré
Jamee and Marshall Field V
The Kapnick Foundation
David Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight S. Schar
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stanback
Everglades Ambassadors Council
(gifts of $50,000 to $99,999)
Anonymous (1)
Betsy and Philip Allen
Richard L. Chilton/Chilton Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Clark
Dalio Family Foundation
Mark F. Dalton
Darden Restaurants Foundation
Flagler System
Mr. Ivan C. Frederickson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gotwald
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Grauer
Lacoste/Devanlay US
Martin Foundation
Ann and Hollis Petersen
Gaye and Jim Pigott
Walton Family Foundation
Chairman's Advisory Council
(gifts of $25,000 to $49,999)
Abra Prentice Foundation
Keith and Peggy Anderson Family Foundation
Dr. Diana Barrett and Mr. Bob Vila
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Bishop
Donald G. and Ann M. Calder
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Costas
Claudia and Carlos De la Cruz, Jr.
Ms. Nancy J. DeLisi and Ms. Carol Sandusky
Thomas M. Evans, Jr. Foundation
Mark B. Fisher
Stephanie and Lawrence Flinn, Jr.
Florida Power & Light
Harold R. Foote and Joanne Conley
Fortress Investment Group
George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation
Louis B. Hager Jr.
Donna and John R. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
Suzie and Bruce Kovner
Dr. James Kushlan and Kirsten Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick P. Lee
McCarthy-Bjorklund Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCormack
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Miller
Mr. Lawrence Moens
NEXTERA Energy Foundation
Alita and Nathaniel P. Reed
Allan J. Riley Revocable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Gabelli
Ken Tropin
Mr. and Mrs. Dolph W. Von Arx
Ms. Julie Walters and Mr. Samuel G. Rose
Gary C. Wendt
Toni and Andrew Wilshire
Bruce Wiltsie and William Davenport
Forever Grateful to our 2015 Supporters
President's Club
(gifts of $10,000 to $24,999)
Anonymous (1)
Affiliated Managers Group
Mr. and Mrs. Lew F. Allyn
Elizabeth H. Andrus and Dr. Roby Thompson
Aon Foundation
Mrs. Cornelia Bailey
Barclays Capital
Barron Collier Jr. Foundation
Ms. Michele Borislow
Connie and Daniel Burkhardt
Katherine Carpenter
Chester Kitchings Family Foundation
Collier Enterprises Management
Collier Resources Company
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Corbett
Mrs. Martha C. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Ferrante
Katherine D.W. Findlay
FineMark National Bank & Trust
Kathleen Fisher
Cheri and Tom Flood
Suzanne and Ramsey Frank
Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Garnier
Mrs. Phillip O. Geier
Mr. Frederick R. Genung
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Glass
Ellin Goetz and Mike Watkins
Béryl and Rex Hamilton
HEICO Aero Space Corporation, Kimberly and Eric Mendelson
Rufino Hernandez and Gregory Sari
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hilton Jr.
Tim and Karen Hixon Foundation
Judy and John Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Kiernan III
Mrs. H. Frederick Krimendahl II
Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Kuehner
Roberta and David Lawrence Jr.
Meg and Keith Long
Mrs. W. Duncan MacMillan
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madigan
Margaritaville Enterprises, Jimmy Buffett
Melvin R. Goodes Family Foundation
Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Moore
Mr. and Mrs. W. Stephen Murray
Naples Illustrated
Barbara and Jack Nicklaus
Lyn and Robert L. Parks
Linda and Nicholas G. Penniman IV
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Low Pierrepont
R. K. Mellon Family Foundation
Ashley and Mike Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ray
The Regenstein Foundation, Susan Regenstein and Barry Frank
Robertson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Royce
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation
Mr. Richard Salomon
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schulte
Snyder Family Foundation
Eleanor and John M. Sullivan Jr.
The Edith B. & Lee V. Jacobs Fund No.3
The Mailman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Uihlein
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Warner III
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Wasmer
The Weekes Family Foundation
Wells Fargo
Restoration Circle
(gifts of $5,000 to $9,999)
Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie
Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Armstrong
Aveda Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bachrach
Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation
Ms. Deborah Bricker
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Byrnes
Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Camus
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cardone Jr.
Barbara Whitney Carr
The Lawrence J. and Dora P. Chastang Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coleman II
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Comstock
Nephele and Thomas Domencich
Mr. Shawn M. Donnelley
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Dougherty
Dr. Jack Widrich Foundation
Ms. Lucille Drackett
Christina and Russell W. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Averell Fisk
Ms. Damaris D. W. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ford III
Mary Helen and Angel Franco
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Fruehauf
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Garden
Mr. and Mrs. George Gould
Mrs. Francis W. Hatch
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Karl
Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III
Kochman & Ziska, PLC
Mr. Alan Korest and Ms. Dolly Bodick
Elaine and Kenneth G. Langone
Kristi and Kevin Law
Mr. Rick Lindstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Frank Mandel Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Margolis
Linda and Clement McGillicuddy
Mr. and Mrs. Ron McGinty
Mr. and Mrs. William G. McKelvy
Mr. J. William McMahon
Osprey Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. James T. Swartout
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Perkins
Mr. Thomas Peterffy
Mr. W. Douglas Pitts Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Preston
Quimby Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Piper Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Gene O. Quirk, Jr.
Ms. Bernadette Rehnert
Mr. William Riley and Dr. Susan Forster
Robert M. and Helen A. Ritchie Charitable Foundation
The Schiff Foundation
Mrs. Douglas Seaman
Sherman Fairchild Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Garnett Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sullivan
The Charles N. & Eleanor Knight Leigh Foundation
The Clinton Family Fund, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clinton
The Henry Foundation
Mr. Paul Raether
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Tisch
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice B. Tobin
Toshiko and Joseph G. Tompkins
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Vasey
W.L. Lyons Brown Foundation, Ina Brown Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Waite III
Mr. Eric Wallach and Mrs. Daria Foster
Villa Karina
Bruce and Barbara Wiegand
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Wittmann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wood II
Mr. H.L. Yoh, Jr.
Friends of
the Everglades
(gifts of $1,000 to $4,999)
George Adams
Anonymous (3)
Ms. Khooshe Aiken
Anita & Julian Saul Foundation
Mr. W. Graham Arader III
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bagby
J. Gentry Barden
Ms. Merrilyn Bardes
Hon. Michael D. Barnes and Mrs. Joan Pollitt
Dr. and Mrs. Jose F. Barros
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bartram
Mr. and Mrs. Wael O. Bayazid
Mr. Kenneth S. Beall Jr.
Bay Plumbing Co.
Ben and Eilah Beavers
Mr. and Mrs. G. Nicholas Beckwith III
Mr. and Mrs. Jib Bell
Bellisimo Salon, Mr. Jahn Zynda
Benefit Guaranty
Mr. and Mrs. James I. Black III
Ms. Carolina Blanco
Blank Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bloom
Mr. John Boll
Ms. Jestena C. Boughton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd
Mr. J. Yancey Brame
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brennan
Ms. Lori Breyman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brickell
Fenton Lang Bruner & Associates
Ms. Barbara Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. R. Duke Buchan III
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Harrison Buck
Marguerite and Christopher H. Buckley Jr.
Rev. and Mrs. C. Frederick Buechner
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Buermann
Ms. Tiffany Burnette and Mr. Don Casturo
Mr. Thomas E. Calcote
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Calhoun Jr.
Mr. Lawrence David Callaway
Mr. Jared Cantanucci
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Caplow
Ms. Caroline Cardone
Mr. Ray Celedinas
Ms. Patricia W. Chadwick
Ms. Theresa Chafel
Charity Brands
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Charlston
Mrs. Jane H. Choate
Chris Glades Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Christu
Ms. Rosalind Clarke Corcoran
Clermont Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Coomes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Costa
Ms. Heidi Cox and Mr. Jay Seyfert
Cox Foundation
CSX Transportation
Mr. Anthony Cummings
Mr. Edwin A. Dalrymple
Ms. Anne Dancu/Blue Pear
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Davidson, Sr.
Mr. David B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel B. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Deal
Mr. Richard Desich
Mr. and Mrs. William O. DeWitt Jr.
Colonel Alan M. Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Doggett
Donnelley Foundation
Drew James Salon in Hollywood
Drew James Salon in Plantation
The Drusilla Farwell Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Duffy
Celeste and William Muir
Ms. Nancie A. Dupier
Tonya and Eric Eikenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Ellis
Mr. Michael Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Eyer
Michael & Annie Falk Foundation
Felix Andrew Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Finlay Matheson
Mr. and Mrs. David Fiszel
Mrs. Ann G. Flinn
Florida Atlantic University Foundation
Florida International University Foundation
For The Environment
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Foreman
Mrs. Patricia A. Forkan and Mr. Neville Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Freda
Frederick H. Bedford, Jr. and Margaret S. Bedford Charitable Foundation
Florida Wildlife Federation
Ms. Deborah G. Gale
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gannon
Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Garcia
Gerald A. & Karen A. Kolschowsky Foundation
The Edith B. & Lee V. Jacobs Fund No.3
Mrs. Ann M. Geupel
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Giguere
Mr. and Mrs. James Glasser
Ms. Marjorie Goldman and Mike Steffens
Ms. Patty Gomez and Mr. Larry Angelosante
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Gordon
Mr. Scott Gordon
Mr. Porter Goss
Mrs. Nina B. Griswold
Gubelmann Family Foundation
Mrs. Myrna Haft
Mr. Joseph Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hallberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hamm
Hazard Family Foundation
Heart of Oak Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Woods
Mr. C. Wolcott Henry III
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Herb
Skip and Meg Herman Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Hiaasen
Ms. Julie Hill-Gabriel
Ms. Leslie Hindman
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. William Holly
Southeast Acute Services
Ms. Christine Housen
Huizenga Family Foundation
Mrs. Mary Hulitar
The Hull Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Hunter III
IMT Medical Healthcare Services, Melodie Naja and Sam Tahoun
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ingram
James Riepe Family Foundation
Mr. Edgar D. Jannotta
Dr. Thomas W. Jarrett
Mr. Richard W. Jensen
John & Mary Willis Foundation
The John L. and Sue Ann Weinberg Foundation
Mrs. Hope Haskell Jones
Mr. Christopher Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kapp
Anna-Maria Kellen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Kinney
Kitson Evergreen, Mr. Sydney Kitson
Ms. Kelly Klein
Ms. Andrea Kline
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Klopp Capital Trust
Ms. Carolyn M. Knutson Moore Stephens Tiller
Krumholtz Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Kukk
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Lacaillade
Mrs. Karyn Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Lamphere
Dr. and Mrs. James Large
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Lear
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leeds
The Lemon Foundation
Mr. Garrison duP. Lickle
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Lippisch
Susan L. Lloyd Foundation
Lovett-Woodsum Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Lowenstein
Mr. David O. MacKenzie
Manning & Napier Advisors
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Marcus
Marguerite N. Cole Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Markel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Martell
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Conrad Mautner
McDermott Will & Emery Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McGann
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent McLoughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Steve McPherson
Nelson Mead Fund, Ruth C. Mead
Mebane Charitable Foundation
Mr. Felipe Medina
Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Mendelson
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller IV
Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Mills Esq.
H. Lee Moffitt
Ms. Amy Moglia
Mr. Robert Morris
Mr. Gregory Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Morton
Mebane Charitable Foundation
Mr. Felipe Medina
Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Mendelson
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Miller IV
Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Mills Esq.
H. Lee Moffitt
Ms. Amy Moglia
Mr. Robert Morris
Mr. Gregory Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Morton
Mr. David Moscow
Mr. Juergen Mross
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Noel H. Nation
National Parks Conservation Assc.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nussenfeld and Patricia McDonald
Mrs. Donal C. O'Brien
OLB Foundation, Mary Brittain Bardes
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Orthwein
Palm Beach Aggregates
Palm Beach Illustrated
The Hon. Patrick J. Rooney, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Pareira
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Paresky
Parker Asset Management
Mr. and Mrs. David Parsons
Mr. John R. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pasquariello
Mr. Peter S. Pauley
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitney Payson
Mr. Patrick J. Pedonti
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Perella
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Picotte
Mr. Peter Price
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Valdes-Fauli
Mr. and Mrs. David Prolman
Pyure Coconut Creek
Pyure Wellington
Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Rabin
Raleigh Radiology
Ray Family Foundation
Raymond James
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Reed Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Reese
Ms. Wilder Regalbuto
The Rehm Family Foundation
Mr. Thomas P. Riley and Ms. Barbara M. Kelley
Ms. Deborah C. Robbins
Mr. Mark F. Rockefeller
Ms. Lida Rodriguez-Taseff
Mr. and Mrs. William Roettger
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rorer
Rosen Centre
Mr. Michael A. Sachs
Salon Bamboo Aveda
Sanibel/Captiva Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. David Schemel
Mr. Dave Scheuch
Mr. Charles A. Schumacher
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald K. Schwartz
Ms. Martha Scofield
Mrs. Elizabeth Scott
Ms. Karen Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John Sculley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Segerson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Serrate
Ms. Lorraine Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Shotwell
Mr. and Mrs. John Shubin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenan Siegel
Mrs. Rachel Silverstein-Altman
Mr. Gregory G. Simoncini and Mr. Ed Dudley
Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Simpson
Ms. Adelaide Skoglund
Mr. and Mrs. F. Samuel Smith
Ms. Maura C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Sole
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Spahr
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spann
Lawrence and Pinelope Speh Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Spring
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Stamen
Mr. Frank Steel
Kimberly Sterling and Brian Stehli
Mr. Ronald Stern
Mr. Neil Subin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Summers
Ms. Margaretta Taylor
Adena and David Testa
The Garden Group of Ocean Reef
The Margaret & Daniel Loeb - Third Point Foundation
The Miami Foundation for A Greater Miami
The Mnuchin Foundation
The Peninsula Charities Foundation II
The Taylor Foundation
Ms. Gillian Thomas
Ms. Elizabeth Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. John Tickle
Mr. David Topper
Toshiba, Mr. Justin Pisciottano
Mr. Jeff Trandahl
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jay Trees
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Trotman Jr.
Ms. Sarah H. Trulaske
Truu Salon
Tyler R. Cain Foundation
Ms. Anna H. Upton
Ms. Karen Van Arsdale and Mr. Sergio Rodrigues
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Van Lent
Ms. Sarita Van Vleck
Verb Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Tab Verdeja
Vero Beach Capital Holdings
Vickar Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Vogelstein
Mr. Erik Waldin
Wallace Automotive Group
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Waugh
Ms. Debbie Weatherly
Mrs. Charlotte C. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Weld
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wenner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Michael Wernicke
Mr. and Mrs. Fowler C. West
Mr. Paolo Weston
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. White III
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wierda
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah J. Willard III
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Willett
Ms. Pamela C. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Van Zandt Williams Jr.
Mr. Henry A. Wilmerding Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Wren
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Yearly
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Young
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zacharias
Sustaining Donors
(gifts up to $999)
Anonymous (15)
Ms. Norma Jean Abraham
Ms. Jeanne W. Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Adams
Ms. Estelle Aden
Ms. Barbara M. Ahringer
Dr. and Mrs. Georg Albers-Schonberg
Mr. Craig Allard
Mt. Terri Allen
Mr. David Alverson
Ms. Carolyn E. Amaral
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Amaro
Mr. Richard A. Ammen
Ms. Judith B. Anderson
Mr. William V. Anderson and Ms. Mabel Vasniles
Ms. Nancy Angelovich
Ms. Susan Anger
Mr. Thomas Appleby
Yardley Appleby
Mr. Donald Arabian
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo Arboleda
Ms. Colleen S. Arch
Mr. Peter B. Archie
Ms. Glenda Arik
Ms. Diana Arnett
Aspen Falls
Mr. Alan Atkinson
Blanche T. August
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas G. Aumen
Aveda The Gardens Mall
Mr. Edward Jr. Baker Jenner
Mr. and Mrs. Ashok Bakhru
Ms. Narupa Baldeosingh
Mr. Preston Baldwin
Ms. Christine Ball
Ms. Susan Bannon
Mr. James Banta
Mrs. Maryle Barbe
Mr. James Barnett
Ms. Carla K. Barrett
Ms. Margaret C. Barriskell
Ms. Jill Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baur
Ms. Jean T. Beans
Ms. Evalyn D. Bebensee
Mr. Andres Bejerano and Ms. Karin Zoeller
Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Bell
Ms. Barbara E. Belsito
Benitz Building
Ms. Deborah Bennett
Mr. Eric Bennett and Mrs. Debra Schulze
Ms. Linda Benson
Mr. George J. Bergalis
Dr. and Mrs. Biff Bermingham
Mr. F. Richard Beyer
Ms. Nina Beyra
Mr. Philip R. Bilancia
Maria Garcia and Ron Bilbao
Dr. George Andrew Bishopric Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Blabey
Mr. and Mrs. Van Lear Black
Ms. Carol Blades
Ms. Cecily P. Blankfield
Dr. Luke H. Blanton Jr.
Ms. Pauline T. Blocher
Ms. Whitney Blondell
Ms. Sara Bloom
Blooming Grove Hunting & Fishing Club
Ms. Maxine E. Bodman
Ms. Ellen Boer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Bohning
Ms. Ashley Bohnke
Mr. and Mrs. Willard S. Boothby
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Boswell
Ms. Phoebe H. Bowers
Ms. Janet W. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Monique Brechter
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brenner
Mr. Paul Bricault
Ms. Jennifer Bright
Ms. Marlene Broad
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Brod
Ms. Gloria E. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bruno
Ms. Greta Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Bulger
Ms. Barbara J. W. Burt
Clyde and Nicki Butcher
Mr. James Byers
Mr. Roderick D. Byron
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Marx
Ms. Isolde K. Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Caldwell
Ms. Gloria C. Calle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Camalier III
Camilla Day Spa
Mr. Roland Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. William Cammack Campbell
Mr. Joseph E. Cannon
Cantera & Associates
Brendan Carlin
Mr. John Carlson
Ms. Stephanie Carr
Ms. Janet F. Carrier
Mr. William D. Casey
Central Florida Marine
Central Florida Presbytery - Hope Presbyterian Church at Lake Nona
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Chabraja
Ms. Patty Chandler
Mr. Robert D. Chapin
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Chapoton
Charity for Change
Cheeca Lodge & Spa
Mr. William Chorske and Ms. Janet Albers
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Christopher
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Chvarak
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cioffi
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claggett
Mr. Michael A.C. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Clark Jr.
Congressman Curt Clawson
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clay Jr.
Ms. Linda Clements
Mr. Donald E. Cloud
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cohen
Mr. Timothy C. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Colgan
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Collis
Mr. Parker B. Condie Sr.
Mrs. Barbara S. Conners
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conrads
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Constant
Mr. Andrew E. Cook II
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Cooper
Ms. Phyllis Cooper
Coral Gables Garden Club
Ms. Genai Corban
Ms. Tiffiny Corbett
Corinne's As You Like It
Ms. Margaret Costello
Ms. Mary E. Coulter
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Couper
Mr. and Mrs. Manny Coya
Mr. Paul J. Croce
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Crook
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crossland
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cruger
Mr. and Mrs. James Cruice Jr.
Ms. Evelyn Cunning
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curlett
Ms. Cullen Daane
Ms. Giovanna D'Alesio
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Darling
Dr. Stephen E. Davis III
Ms. Donna Day
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Day
Ms. Sylvia J. De Santis
Ms. Helen Decora
Mr. David L. DeGeorge
Mr. Bruce Delventhal
Ms. Mary Demartino
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dempsey
Mr. James A. Denslow
Mr. and Mrs. Bill DeRose
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Deshields
Mr. Bruce M. Dewey
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dewey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Di Maura
Ms. Thelma Diamond
Jennifer and Alexander Diaz
Ms. Melissa Diaz and Mr. Zachary M. Goodwin
Mr. Greg Didway
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dobbs
Dr. Evan S. Dobelle
Mr. Jeffrey Dobrinsky
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donahue
Ms. Heather Donlan
Dorjon/Aveda Salon
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dorsey
Mr. Alexander A. Doska
Mr. Eric Draper
Lt. Col. Donald F. Drenkhan Jr.
Mr. Derick L. Driemeyer
Ms. Kim Drizis
Mr. Derick Duchodni
Mr. Everett Dudley
Ms. Darlene Duffie
Mrs. Joan Dunn
Mrs. Debra G. Durant
Eastview Development
Ms. Harriett M. Eckstein
Mr. Fred Edelson
Ms. Karen Edelstein
Ms. Patricia A. Edmonds
Edward E. Haddock Jr. Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Eide
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Ein
Ms. Randi R. Eisenband
Dr. and Mrs. Adel El Deiry
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Elenbaas
Mr. Gerald Ellis
Ms. Ingrid Elmorsi
Mr. John Elting
Mr. and Mrs. Gregor K. Emmert Sr.
Mr. Thomas Emory
Ms. Eve Errickson
Ms. Shannon Estenoz
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Ethridge Jr.
Mr. Thomas B. Evans Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ezzell
Ms. Mary Faegre
Ms. Shannon Fairbanks
Mr. and Mrs. Danforth Fales
Ms. Nelly Farra
Ms. Marjorie G. Faulkner
Ms. Regina Feldman
Selanys Feliz
Ms. Rosa Fernandez
Oscar and Tina Fernandez
Ms. Arlene B. Ferris
Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Filoon
Ms. Jane S. Finney
Mr. Ronald O. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fitzsimons
Mr. and Mrs. David Fogg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Ford
Mr. Kirk J. Fordham
Ms. Michelle Forelle
Mr. Stephen Foss and Mrs. Leslie Lascheid
Ms. Lilla Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Fox
Mr. Nelson Fraga
Ms. Kathy E. Francis-Belovary
Ms. Caroline E. Frank
Mr. P. Douglas Freedle
Ms. Marjorie Freeman
Mrs. Mary Ann Robb Freer
Ms. Barbara Freitas
Ms. Jacquelyn D. Fresenius
Mr. Peter Frezza
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Fridholm
Ms. Denise Friedlander
Ms. Rebecca Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Friend
Ms. Norma E. Fruin
Mrs. Donald H. Fry
Ms. Elaine S. Furman
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Furrer
Fusion Salon and Spa
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Gagarin
Ms. Evelyn Gaiser
Ms. Lynn Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Gallimore
Ms. Charlotte Galloway
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Garard Jr.
Maria Delosang Garcia
Mr. Winston W. (Bud) Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garnett
Ms. Rose Garrido
Ms. Pamela Garrison
Ms. Stephanie Gatt
Ms. Gloria M. Gearon
Ms. Suzanne S. Geier
Ms. Evelyn Geiser
Mr. Larry Geller
George H. Shattuck Jr. and Isabel C. Shattuck Charitable Foundation
Ms. Patty Gergen
Ms. Mary Germain
Daniel Gershman
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Gidney
Mr. David K. Gillings
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Gire
Ms. Suzanne Giuliani
Mr. Fred L. Glaize III
Mr. Timothy C. Glover
Mr. Robert J. Gluck
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gogolak
Mr. Michael D. Gold
Ms. Suzanne Gold
Ms. Ellen Goldberg
Mr. Dick Golden
Mrs. Marilyn S. Goldman
Erica Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Goodrum
Ms. Bette Jo Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey P. Goss II
Mr. James E. Goulard
Mr. Carmine Greco
Ms. Elizabeth Greene
Mrs. Arnold L. Greenfield
Ms. Priscilla M. Greenfield
Greenhouse Salon
Samarah Green-Troupe
Mr. Geordie V. Griener
Mr. Johnet Grimm
Mr. W. Thomas Grimm
Mr. Lawrence Groo
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Groves
Ms. Harriet Growick
Ms. Virginia Guin
Mr. Joakim Gustavson
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gwatkin
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Haig
Ms. Barbara Haigh
Mr. and Mrs. C. Barrows Hall
Ms. Elizabeth Hamilton
Ms. Norma B. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hammond Sr.
Ms. Katherine J. Hampton
Mr. Charles Hanemann
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hansberry
Ms. Daphne L. Harbeson
Ms. Emily Harris
Ms. Harriet R. Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hartshorne
Mr. Richard H. Yurasko
Mr. J. Herbert Hays
Mr. and Mrs. John Healey
Ms. Jennifer Hecker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heidrick
Jamie Heiney
Mr. Robert L. Heinze
Ms. Marge Hellgren
Dr. Leo M. Henikoff
Mr. Matthew Herath
Ms. Leslie Herlin
Mrs. Diane R. Hess
Mr. H. Lawrence Hess Jr.
Mr. James Higgins
Ms. Judy Higgins
Mr. D. Douglas Hill
Ms. Mary E. Hilliard
Mr. Kenneth Hillier
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Hillman
Mr. John Hislop
Mrs. Dorothy Hitt
Ms. Hellen H. Hoffman
Ms. Rose Ann Hoffman
Ms. Susan M. Hofstein
Ms. Glad Hogan
Ms. Judith T. Hogan
Ms. Caroline J. Hogberg
Mr. Jason Holic
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holmes
Mr. George Holober
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Homan, Jr.
Mr. Randolph T. Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. Irving B. Horn Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Winchester F. Hotchkiss
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Howard
Mr. Eric Hoyle
Mr. Benjamin Hubbard
Ms. Priscilla A. Hubbard
Ms. Cecilia Hudnet
Hurricane Aqua Center/Discount Divers
Ms. Frances M. Iadevaio
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Ianuzzi
Mr. Donald Ienner
Ms. Judith M. Ireland
Mr. John Isidor and Ms. Sandy Kaltman
Ms. Carolyn Jacobs
Ms. Judith A. Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon James III
James Grant Campaign
Jasen William Salon
Ms. Julie D. Jeter
Gary and Deborah Johnson
Mr. Kenneth Johnson
Ms. Lois L. Johnson
Ms. Susan L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jordan
JP Morgan Chase Foundation - Matching Gift & Volunteer Grant Programs
Mrs. James R. Jude
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Jungemann
Mr. Raymond W. Jurgens
Mr. Jeff Kalpak
Mr. and Mrs. Kristopher Kaltenborn
Ms. Karen V. Kamfjord
Mr. Edward S. Kaplan
Mr. Michael Katz
Ms. Minerva Katz
Dr. Bonnie L. Katz and Dr. Carl L. Tishler
Mr. Paul Kavanagh
Mr. Brian E. Keeley and Dr. Suzanne L. Keeley
Ms. Daniela Keiffer
Mr. Barnes Keller
Mr. James Kelly
Mr. Daniel Kenkel
Mr. Kimberly Kenwell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kerr
Dr. Yogesh P. Khare
Khatib Bridge and Education Center
Mr. Richard P. Kiphart
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kohn
Mr. Tim Kolschowsky
Dr. and Mrs. Hermes Koop
Mr. Jay Koretsky
Mr. James L. Kotas
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Krause
Mr. Gary Krieger
Ms. Robin C. Krivanek
Ms. Natalie Kuhl
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Lake
Ms. Barbara Lambers
Mr. Michael Landa
Mrs. Mary Lane
Mrs. Carole W. Langer
Ms. Marie Langer
Ms. Susan M. Laraway
Ms. Dina A. Lareau
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Garden Club
Ms. Patricia Laurencelle
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lavrinc
Mr. J. Michael Lawlor
Mr. J. Dennis Lawlor
Mr. Vicente Laza
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Le Vine
Mr. James F. Leen
Mr. Michael W. Lefevre
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. LeGette
Mr. Robert P. Legg
Mr. Michael Leonard
Ms. Constance Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lerner
Mr. and Mrs. William L.G. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. Roger V. LeTourneau
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Levine
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Levine
Mr. Cameron Lickle
Mr. J. Roland 'Jack' Lieber
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Lieberman
Mr. Alan Lillie
Mr. Robert Linares
Mr. Peyton F. Lindley
Bobbie D. Lindsay
Mr. Michael Linke
Mr. Robert M. Lockwood
Ms. Harriett V. Loesch
Ms. Camille Loiacono
Ms. Carol Loiacono
Dr. Dorothy Lord
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lord
Ms. Cathy Lorie
Ms. Denise Love
Ms. Alexandra Lovett-Woodsum
The Edward A. & Catherine L. Lozick Foundation
Mr. John A. Luetkemeyer Jr.
Ms. Neena Lurvey
Mr. Gene D. Mahaney
Eugene Mahfood
Ms. Constance W. Mainwaring
Ms. Sherry Maira
Mrs. Linda Malone
Ms. Toni Maloney
Manatee School of Arts & Sciences
Mr. Jackson P. Mangus
Ms. Elizabeth H. Marsh
Ms. Lori Martz
Ms. Elinor Mastroff
Mr. Lee W. Mather Jr.
Mrs. William L. Matheson
Ms. Constance Mayo
Ms. Milagros Maytin-Miret
Ms. Maryann McAleeer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. McClure
Mr. and Mrs. W.D. McCrady
Dr. and Mrs. Gene McCree
Mr. and Mrs. David McDonald
Ms. Ann McDonnell
Ms. Florence S. McDonough
Mr. and Mrs. G. Carson McEachern
Dr. Marianne B. McEuen
Ms. Peggy J. McFarland
Ms. Margaret McGovern
Ms. Margery McIver
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. McLaughlin
Mr. John W. McLean
Mr. and Mrs. John McPheeters
Mrs. Monica McVicker
Elizabeth B. Mann
Mr. Thomas R. Meachem
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Meaher
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Meehan
Ms. Laura Melges
Mr. Peter J. Mellin
Lisette Mendez
Ms. Norine L. Meng
Ms. Josephine A. Merck
Mr. and Mrs. Barrant V. Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Messingschlager
Ms. Lisa Metcalf
Mr. Philip C. Mezey
Michael and Diane Rosenberg Family Foundation
Ms. Deborah Migliaccio
Ms. Janet L. Miller
Mr. Jesse Miller
Mr. Peter Miller
Mr. Wayne Mills
Mr. Philip Mindlin
Ms. Lydia Moldovanu
Ms. Betsy Mordecai and Mr. Gareth Heyman
Ms. Jennifer Mormile
Mr. Russell Morrison
Ms. Susannah Morrison
Mr. William L. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. John Morse
Ms. Kathleen Moser
Rev. and Mrs. David Peter Mosher Sr.
Ms. Rhea Moss
Mr. Glenn Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Lawton Mullin
Bj Mundy Vegan
The Honorable Patrick Murphy
Austin and Jane Musselman Foundation
Ms. Carole Myers
Ms. Mary V. Nash
Mr. John Neylan
Dr. and Mrs. Roland E. Nieman Jr.
Mr. Peter Nolan
Ms. Harriet Novet
Mr. Cledith E. Oakley
Mr. and Mrs. Craig G. Obrecht
Ms. Kathleen Ocken
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. O'Connell
Mr. John O'Day
Ms. Sherry O'Dell
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael O'Hearn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Olin
Original Impressions
Ms. Heiderose F. Orshan
Ms. Carson Osberg
Mr. Bob Ostrander
Mr. Charles E. Otterson
Ms. Peter Outcalt
Ms. Sylvia Padron
The Honorable Mark Pafford
Mr. GM Pagano
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Page
Robin and Tim Pantel
Mrs. Jennifer Parisi
Park Vista Community High School
Ms. Nadine K. Parks
Sarah Parone
Mr. William Paskert
Ms. Jacqueline Paster
Ms. Lynn P. Patterson
Rajendra and Ajita Paudel
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pauls
Ms. Fiona M. Pearce
Ms. Joyce Peckman
Ms. Barbara Pector
Mrs. Beatrice C. Perkins
Ms. Amanda Perwin
Tirzah Pestenski
Mrs. Jean Peters
Mr. and Mrs. James Peyton
Ms. Ilaria Pezzatini
Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Piller
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Pinkham
Ms. Teresa Plage
Mr. Roy Plum
Mr. James Poisella
Dr. and Mrs. Irwin Potash
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Potash
Mr. Zac Potter
Ms. Helen E. Pottorff
Ms. Yvonne S. Previdi
Dr. Lazaro C. Priegues
Mr. David Prince
Mr. Jason Prince
Ms. Jane M. Purrington
Mr. and Mrs. John Puth
Ms. Janice Pye
Mrs. Eben Pyne
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Pyne
Pyure Boynton
Mr. Charles J. Queffenne
Ms. Maitee Quero
Ms. Matilde Quero
Dr. Warren Quillian
Mr. Theodore P. Rabcow
Ms. Kay Rackiewicz
Mr. John Radocchia
Mr. Matthew J. Raffenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reed
Mr. Gordon P. Reed Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward Reighley
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Reilly
Mr. Rick Reynolds
Richard W. Ebsary Living Trust
Ms. Jennifer Richards
Ms. M. Susan Ridgely
Mr. William Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Riley
Mr. Mark Riley
Ms. Annette C. Rinaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riordan
Ms. Mary S. Rivenbark
Mr. Jon H. Robb
Ms. Bobbie Sue Robertson
Mr. Gregory J. Robie
Ms. Rosanne E. Robillard
Mr. Richard Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rodormer
Representative Jose Javier and Sonia Rodriguez
Mr. Michael Roehm
Ms. Cynthia Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rooney
Ms. Sara Rorer
Mr. Robert Roscioli
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Roth
Ms. Estelle R. Rubenstein
Mr. Herb Rubin
Mr. Douglas Rucker
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Rumbough Jr.
Ms. Christine Rupp and Mr. Dean Richardson
Ms. Judy Rushmore
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ryder
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sachs
Mr. Ned Sachs and Ms. Barbara Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Salisbury
Salon Utopia of South Florida
Ms. Jan Salvesen Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Sammis
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sanchez
Monica and Joe Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sandler
Ms. April Sangster
Mr. Herbert P. Sapp Jr.
Mrs. Dolores A. Sauer
Mr. Michael Sawney
Mr. Bertram Schaeffer
Mr. and Mrs. Claire L. Schelske
Mr. Gary Schmelz
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schoettley
Mr. and Mrs. George Schreiber
Ms. Marilyn J. Schulle
Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Schwartz
Mr. Peter J. Schweinsberg
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Scott Jr.
Ms. Marilyn Scott Berrios
Mr. Steven D. Scroggs
Rabbi Max Selinger
Ms. Carol R. Sellers
Seven “C” Foundation, Ms. Corlene Cathcart
Ms. Odette Shakhshire
Mrs. Eleanor C. Shanley
Ms. Martha T. Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Shapiro
Shapiro Pertnoy Corp.
Mr. Greg Share
Ms. Lorraine K. Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shelley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Shevelow Jr.
Dawn Shirreffs and Ian Zink
Ms. Susan Shuraky
Ms. Tracy Rickers Siani
Ms. Estrellita Sibila and Mr. Jorge Arauz
The Siebenthaler Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Silverstein
Mrs. Myra Silverstein
Ms. Mae L. Simmons
Ms. Bonnie Simms
Terry Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Siragusa
Mr. Jerry D. Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Slabaugh
Ms. Cherry W. Smith
Mr. Douglas Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Smith
Mr. Stuart Smith
Ms. Erica Snider
Ms. Donna Solimene
Mr. Clayton Solomon
Ms. Sandra A. Spafford
Ms. Sher Sparano
Mr. William Spears
Mr. Doug Speeler Jr.
Moni and Steven Spivey
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Sprague
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Staadecker
Dr. and Mrs. John Stankiewicz
Starfox, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Foxhoven
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Starkey
Mr. Norman Statland
Mr. Keith Staub
Mr. and Mrs. R. Victor Steeb
Ms. Dena M. Steele
Mr. Jesse Stein
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Steiner
Mr. Paul A. Steinman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Stewart
Ms. Susan L. Stobo
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Stolar
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stopher
Ms. Denise G. Streszoff
Ms. Caity Strickland
Mr. Henry Strickland
Ms. Robin L. Suarez
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus B. Sweet III
Ms. Helen M. Tatum
Dr. Barbara O. Taylor
Ms. Patricia R. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Teaford
Ms. Isabel Tejero
Dr. Thomas B. Templeton
Ms. Donna Cay Tharpe
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
The Scout Guide Naples
Ms. Ann D. Thomas
Ms. Barbara A. Thomas
Ms. Carmen K. Thomas
Mrs. Dorothy J. Thomas
Ms. Joanne B. Thomas
Ms. Linda S. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Thomas
Mr. Parker Thomson
Ms. Barbara Tie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Tiernan
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tiffan
Tigers Den Salon
Mrs. Russell E. Train
Triton Insurance Group
Carlos and Shannon Trivino
Mr. Thomas Trotta
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Tulloch
Ms. Anne Turnley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turville
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tuten
Mrs. Donald Tuttle Jr.
Twin Trees Foundation
Mr. Carter B. Tyler
Ms. Lacie Van Alstine
Ms. Sandra Van Buskirk
Ms. Ann E. Van Cott
Mr. and John C. Van Roden
Mr. Tom Van Straaten
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vandehei
Ms. Courtney Vantassell
Peter Vasconcelos
Mr. Theofilos A. Vatis
Mr. Nicio Vega Jr.
Mr. Domenick Vellone
Ms. Jane Vergari
Mr. Christophe Vila
Mr. Ron Volk
Mr. Jon P. Vollmer
Ms. Valerie R. Vollrath
Mr. and Mrs. Etto E. Von Zastrow
W.L. Lyons Brown, Jr. Fund
Mr. George C. Wagener
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn U. Waldman
Ms. Lorna Wallach
Ms. Pat Wallies
Ms. Lori Walter
Alice J. Frazier Walton Liv. Trst.
Ms. Kathryn Warner
Ms. Jo Anne Warren
Mr. Kevin Waterbury
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Watson
Mr. Shimon Wdowinski
Mr. Grant R. Weber
Mr. Josh Weber
Mr. Gary Weinhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Wescott
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Westberry
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wheeler
Mr. David White
Mr. and Mrs. Ogden White Jr.
Ms. Barbara L. Whittaker
Mr. Ronald H. Wideman
Mr. Benjamin Widlanski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wight
Ms. Leeanne Wilhelm
Ms. Karen Wilkening
Mr. John W. Wilkens
Ms. Diana Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Williams
Ms. Elizabeth C. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. ET Williams
Mr. John A. Williams
Ms. Judy R. Williams
Ms. Lisa O. Williams
Mr. Richard H. Wilson
Mr. Darrell Windle
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wirth
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wise
Mr. Jonathan M. Wissker
Ms. Frankie Louise Wolfson and Mr. Max Warr
Mr. Philip A. Wood
Dr. and Mrs. James Worden
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hayes Worley Jr.
Ms. Claire Wright
Ms. Joan S. Wulff Mr. Ted Rogowski
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Wunder
Mr. Gary R. Young
Eliseo Zacarias
Ms. Gloria G. Zavish
Dr. H. Glenn Ziegenfuss
Mr. Ian Zink
Ms. Elizabeth Zoeller
Ms. Caryn Zucker
Zuma & Sons Distributors Corp.
During 2015 we received gifts in memory of true Everglades champions, who passionately believed in the mission of Everglades restoration. They dedicated their lives and now legacy to ensuring this national treasure is restored and forever protected.
Scott Burrows
Ms. Carole Myers
Norman Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Caldwell
Ms. Marjorie Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goodrum
Mr. Johnet Grimm
Mrs. Diane Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon James
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reed
Grace Creelman
Ms. Denise Streszoff
Rafael Crespo
Ms. Isabel Tejero
Ron Erickson
Ms. Daphne Harbeson
Michael deV. Flinn
Mr. Peter Archie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bagby
Mr. and Mrs. Van Black
Blooming Grove Hunting
& Fishing Club
Ms. Ellen Boer
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Chapoton
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Clay
Mr. Parker Condie
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Darling
Mr. and Mrs. William Ethridge
Mr. Thomas Evans
Ms. Shannon Fairbanks
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Filoon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fitzsimons
Mrs. Ann Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Fox
Mr. and Mrs. James Garard
Mr. Fred Glaize
Ms. Ellen Goldberg
Mr. Lawrence Groo
Mr. Richard H. Yurasko, PNC Family Wealth
Hazard Family Foundation
Mr. James Higgins
Ms. Judy Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Howard
Mr. Eric Hoyle
Mr. Jeff Kalpak
Mr. The Lemon Foundation
Mr. John Luetkemeyer
Mr. Lee Mather
Mr. and Mrs. W.D. McCrady
Mr. John McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Barrant Merrill
Ms. Betsy Mordecai and Mr. Gareth Heyman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pyne
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ryan
Mrs. Eleanor Shanley
Mr. William Spears
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stopher
Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Susan L. Lloyd Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tiernan
Ambassador W.L. Lyons Brown
Ms. Barbara Whittaker
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wight
Frederick N. Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crossland
Ms. Karen Edelstein
Ms. Eve Errickson
Ms. Elizabeth Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton
Ms. Carolyn Jacobs
Ms. Natalie Kuhl
Ms. Barbara Lambers
Mr. Michael Linke
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Messingschlager
Ms. Mae Simmons
Ms. Peter Outcalt
Ms. Sara Rorer
Aaron Higer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Conrads
Ms. Thelma Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Page
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Potash
Daniel Kenkel
Mr. Daniel Kenkel
Keith E. Luening
Ms. Deborah Migliaccio
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riordan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Watson
Stuart McIver
Ms. Margery McIver
Allan J. Riley
Mrs. Allan Riley
Sonny Robertson
Mr. Rick Reynolds
Mr. Robert Roscioli
Michael D. South
Mr. William Riggs
Stephen Norton Stanford
Ms. Phyllis Cooper
Ms. Kim Drizis
Mr. John Hislop
Mr. and Mrs. James Lavrinc
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McLaughlin
Ms. Sherry O'Dell
Ms. April Sangster
Mr. Terry Singleton
Mr. Doug Speeler
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wescott
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wise
Edward Anthony Vallone Jr.
Ms. Carla Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Constant
Ms. Lilla Foster
Ms. Suzanne Giuliani
Dr. Bonnie Katz and Dr. Carl L. Tishler
Ms. Marie Langer
Mr. Michael Leonard
Ms. Maryann McAleeer
Ms. Harriet Novet
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pantel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reeves
Ms. Sher Sparano
Mr. Keith Staub
We offer our thanks to these special supporters who have provided support throughout the year to advance the work of Everglades restoration. We are grateful for their generous support.
Aril Wines
Ashok and Fay Bakhru
Barton & Gray Mariners Club
Kevin Billings
Blooming Gardens
Dolly Bodick and Alan Korest
Broward County Public Schools
Betty and Philippe Camus
Cheeca Lodge
Collier County Public Schools
Conservancy of Southwest Florida
Louis Cruz
Cutler Bay Graphics
Claudia and Carlos de la Cruz, Jr.
Gary duP. Lickle
Everglades National Park
Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
Jamee and Marshall Field V
Adria Starkey, FineMark National Bank & Trust
Dinny and Fred Genung
Ann and Tom Grady
Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club
Jolure Beauty
Paul Tudor Jones II
Kathleen and Scott Kapnick
Lane Wilkinson Photography
Lee County Public Schools
Martin County Public Schools
Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
Naples Illustrated
Jack Nicklaus
Northern Trust
Original Impressions
Palm Beach County Public Schools
Tigertail Airboat Tours
Toshiba Business Solutions
Mac and Catherine Willett
Wanda and Len Zaiser
Your generosity will help ensure clean drinking water for our future
Be a hero for America’s Everglades.

Your gift will empower solutions benefiting not just the Everglades but all conservation efforts around the world.

100% of your contribution directly supports Everglades restoration. Administrative costs are funded through the generosity of the Everglades Foundation Board of Directors, meaning every dollar you give is dedicated to protecting and restoring one of the world's unique natural ecosystems.

There are many ways to give.
To send a gift by mail or speak with us by phone, please contact us:
Everglades Foundation
18001 Old Cutler Road, Suite 625
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Telephone: 305-251-0001
The Everglades Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Contact your Legislator!

Click here to find the contact information for your state elected officials. Let them know you’re an Everglades voter asking for their leadership in storing water south of Lake Okeechobee to protect our Everglades, estuaries and economy.


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Diana Barrett, Ph.D.
Christopher H. Buckley, Jr., Esq.
Jimmy Buffett
Barbara Whitney Carr
Thomas N. Davidson, Sr.
Carlos de la Cruz, Jr.
Joseph Z. Duke III
Garrison duP. Lickle
Maurice R. Ferré, M.D.
Marshall Field V
Ellin Goetz
Rex Hamilton
John Hilton
Paul Tudor Jones II
John P. Keller
James A. Kushlan, Ph.D.
Kevin Law
David Lawrence Jr.
Kimberly Mendelson
Hon. Jon L. Mills, Esq.
Jack Nicklaus
Robert L. Parks, Esq.
Nicholas G. Penniman IV
Nathaniel P. Reed
William Riley
Michael W. Sole
Stuart D. Strahl, Ph.D.
Beau Wrigley
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Yogesh Khare, Ph.D.
G. Melodie Naja, Ph.D.
Rajendra Paudel, Ph.D.
Monica Sanchez
Dawn Shirreffs
Moni Spivey
Andrew Stainback, Ph.D.
Sonia Succar Rodriguez
Shannon Trivino
Thomas Van Lent, Ph.D.
Our Troops
Our Troops
Our Troops
Everglades Foundation

Thank You

The Everglades Foundation’s success is the result of the generosity of people who believe in our mission of protecting and restoring one of the world’s unique natural ecosystems. On behalf of our Everglades Foundation Family, thank you for your support. 2015 saw successes driven from a rallying cry that brought us together. We look forward to continuing that momentum through 2016.